Sovereign Hill

Hello! On Friday my class and I had an excursion to sovereign hill. It is a place that is set in the 1850’s in Australia during the Victorian gold rush.It is really interactive to students because we didn’t just walk around a museum, we went down mine’s, looked for gold, and most impotently, buy lollies! I learnt SO much about the eureka rebellion and the gold rush and significant people in the time. It was really interesting and it looked like it was very hard to live back in the olden days. Have anyone of my bloggers been to sovereign hill or have any questions for me? If so, please leave a comment so I can tell you or listen to your experiences or answer. ūüôā

My Winter Holidays!

Over the two weeks of the holidays, I did loads of fun things that I¬†Have¬†to tell you all. My first thing I’ll tell you about is when I went to brand smart outlet stores with my Mum and my sisters. We walked around for about two hours and I came home with a brand new jumper, pair of goggles and a t-shirt. It was loads of fun and I really enjoyed it. My second thing I did was going to GESAC. GESAC is a giant swimming pool in Glen Era and it has got massive water slides. Here is a picture to for you to see how big they are! It was very dark inside the slides and the slides go over the road! It was really fun and exciting. My family and I also went ice skating at the medibank ice house. We got in for free because it was an event by the Melbourne Mustangs. ¬†Inside the ice house their is 2 ice rinks. One is for figure skating and one it for ice hockey. Below is a photo of the ice hockey rink. Overall I had an awesome Holiday and I really enjoyed it.


Footy Divisionals

Today our school footy team went to divisional level. The order is district, division, regional, state, national. It was very tough competition and ¬†all of our team did really well. We played two games and we lost both of them. The only goal of the day went to Jack and he did very well. It was good because we got to tackle and we normally don’t get to do that! So it was a very fun and cold day and I really enjoyed it.

End of term Reflection- Term 2

I’m now halfway through the year, and I haven’t done a lot of blogging, because I have been so busy! I really enjoy my sport and I have had a very successful term with my sport. It started with the winter sport and I was in the school footy (AFL) team and our team did really well. We made it through to the next round because we won all five of our games. The other teams that made it through to the next round were the girl’s netball and soccer rounders, who both did a spectacular job. ¬†Then last week I was competing with my school in the soccer round robin. Our school did really well, but the girls didn’t make it to the finals. The boys won all of their games and got to the final. We got to full time and the scores where nil all. Then we¬†went into extra time, but due to a communication issue, we lost. ¬†Below is a photo of the boys soccer team.

We also had cross country running and that was a fun day. Our school came 1st overall which was good and I made it through to the next round. I came 15th out of 80-100 people. I was happy to go to the next round and in zone I came 36th.

For our inquiry, we did social justice and I did my project on animal cruelty. I will insert the PowerPoint below. I learnt a lot about animal cruelty and it was also sad ūüôĀ .


What makes a good comment?

Well, I think you need to have a three basic things.

  1. Complement the person on their post- Tell them that they have done well or you learnt something
  2. Tell them your feedback- Tell them how they could improve their post
  3. Leave them your blog link- So they can visit your blog.

They are the three basic things to write a good comment.

So next time include that those things and you will make somebodys day!

Punctuation- Capital Letters

Hey bloggers!

Lately, I have been on lots of blogs, especially the people who have commented and left there blog link. I have seen lots of I’s that have been written like i and new sentences starting with lowercase. It is driving me nuts! So I will be giving you a lesson on capital letters.

Lesson 1- Using Capitals Properly

When do you use capitals?

  1. For the letter “I” when alone in a sentence
  2. When you are beginning a sentence
  3. When letters stand for something- eg. RSPCA
  4. Names of months and days
  5. Names of places
  6. Peoples names
  7. Names of vehicles
  8. Titles

So I hope you have learnt about using CAPITALS properly.



My Game- Willopoly

Greetings my fellow bloggers! For one of my homework tasks, I have invented a board game. Here are the rules of my game.

Willopoly ©


The aim of my game is to travel around the board once. But the catch is it has got spaces that you go back and miss turns. It is about justice, poverty and maths.

You have to have a person to be in charge of the cards and that person is not allowed to play in the actual game. This is because the maths cards have got answers on them.


What you will need for the game

  • Something to use as your marker (counter, a bit of paper or one from another game)
  • A die
  • 3+ people‚Äô
  • The board.

Comment below to tell me any other ideas you have got to help me improve my game.


Student challenge- If my family and I were stranded on an island With only clothes

What would you Do for fun? My ideas are…….

  • Run- I would race them
  • If it was a desert island, I would make sand castles
  • Swim- Because I love swimming
  • Hand stands and cartwheels- If I get REALLY bored!
  • Heads down, thumbs up- ¬†Something the whole family can play together


Please comment below and tell me “what you would do?”

Will ūüôā


Term 1

The first term of 2015 is nearly over. I haven’t said much about what has happened this term. For our inquiry, we have been learning about Science. ¬†The area mainly was chemistry, so we learnt about solids, liquids and gasses. Chemistry isn’t all ways just about chemical reactions. Their is other thing to chemistry like…..

  • Solids, liquids and gasses
  • Periodic table
  • Elements

We also had a ¬†science carousel when we did experiments with real life objects. One of my favorite was putting M&M’s in a bowl of water and all of the colors come off the M&M’s and the make a pattern. ¬† If you decide to try and mix the M&M’s together the colors blend.

This is my PLT for this term.

Sharing your images and CC

If you watched this video, you would have learnt about sharing your work and what CC stands for. I learnt about……….

  • If you share something online, anyone can edit it and change it
  • The copyright law says “that if you have no permission to edit it, ¬†you can get in big trouble

I have made a image as part of the blogging challenge.

here it is.