Plastic Bags

Littering has become a problem in earths society and one of these problems is to do with plastic. We are using plastic way too much and it is becoming a huge problem. Over 4 million plastic bags are used each year in Australia alone and that is enough to go all around the world 20 times. Hopefully, you can see this is a dreadful problem. I’m writing so you will agree with me more that plastic bags should be banned.

I’m almost certain that most of you use at least one plastic bag in each shopping trip. It is tragic enough that we use them, but littering them is incredibly shocking. Many animals in the ocean die from eating plastic by accident, thinking it is a jellyfish. So our laziness and carelessness is killing our sea creatures.

There’s also landfill. Landfill, as you know, is the place that all of our rubbish goes. Plastic stays in that awful place for at least 100 years. That is longer than most humans live. So my point is not that it is taking spots in landfill. It is that we should not use plastic bags.

So are we using them because we are lazy and it is the closest and most convenient or because you simply don’t care about the environment. So I hope I got a message to you that we should give bags the boot!


Rubbish is what ruins our world. Do you absolutely want to ruin our world? When you put stuff in the bin, where does it go? Landfill.

Landfill is where all of our rubbish goes and it is not a pleasant place. Not just because the world’s rubbish goes there, but because it is a form of littering. Just because we think our country is clean doesn’t mean that is is. But luckily there is the upcycles.

They turn your trash into treasure easily with things like empty toothpaste tubes. They are just normal kids that feel for the environment. So they are superheroes the earth. Anyone can be a superhero. Reducing the amount of  rubbish that goes to landfill could save our earth. But what are the benefits of these “upcyclers”?

Well, for starters, they do their part to care for the earth. Just remember that these are just ordinary people caring for our environment. They are truly heroes.

So before you go and throw something away, think, Can I be an upcycler?

My Family


You might remember this photo from last year that I created. This year, I’m doing the student blogging challenge again so there will be at least 1 blog post each week.  This is a picture of my family. In my picture I have got my mum, dad, my little sister who is likes bugs, and Myself. I also have another sister but she is at gymnastics right now! My other sister is very good at gymnastics. So that is my family.  Next, I have made myself a new blog avatar.     It looks like me because I’ve got Blonde hair, freckles on my nose and have lots of caps.  I’ve also got blue eyes.

100 Word Challenge

“Are we there yet?” Lucy asked. We have been in the plane for 12 hours on the way to Canada. “No” Dad said. We have 6 more hours left and I can’t stay in this plane any longer. Then I looked out the plane window and it looked like I had been going no where. But there was a reason for that because shortly after, on the PA speaker the pilot had announced that we’re running out of fuel. Then I decided to jump out of the door because all I could see was water. It was ice! The End

Doubling and Halving

Today for our maths we were doing halving and doubling. The learning intention was interpreting large numbers through halving  and doubling. We are in the middle of a multiplication unit so my  question was….. How does doubling and halving have any thing to do with  multiplication? My answer was was you can use it when you are doing your 2x tables.


Hello bloggers and welcome back from the holidays. This term for our inquiry we are doing science. The area we are doing this term is astronomy. We have watched about 3 behind the news videos that are below. Some questions I have for you are….

  • Do you think that landing on the moon is one of humanity’s greatest achievements?
  • Is space the most impotent science?


We also watched another one but I couldn’t find it.