The Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

This term we have been looking at caring for our common home.  We went to the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary to learn about how we have to care for places like that so that the next generation will have things like this to see when they are growing up. The marine sanctuary used to be a rifle range, but is now a protected park land that is home to many animals. Some interesting things that we found where sea grass, lots of rocks on the beach, salt marsh and lots of open land areas. Some of the fauna I saw where pelicans, birds and fish. Our class was all allowed to bring devices to take photos of the nice day out. Below I will insert some of my own. The day was long because we left the train station at 9:01 and arrived back home at 4:00. It was very good the way they have protected this and It looks like most people have respected the parkland and have left only food prints and taken only photos. But their was some disappointing things like litter and graffiti. I think the excursion was successful and helped me with my learning.IMAG0102IMAG0100IMAG0095

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