My Winter Holidays!

Over the two weeks of the holidays, I did loads of fun things that I Have to tell you all. My first thing I’ll tell you about is when I went to brand smart outlet stores with my Mum and my sisters. We walked around for about two hours and I came home with a brand new jumper, pair of goggles and a t-shirt. It was loads of fun and I really enjoyed it. My second thing I did was going to GESAC. GESAC is a giant swimming pool in Glen Era and it has got massive water slides. Here is a picture to for you to see how big they are! It was very dark inside the slides and the slides go over the road! It was really fun and exciting. My family and I also went ice skating at the medibank ice house. We got in for free because it was an event by the Melbourne Mustangs.  Inside the ice house their is 2 ice rinks. One is for figure skating and one it for ice hockey. Below is a photo of the ice hockey rink. Overall I had an awesome Holiday and I really enjoyed it.


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