Punctuation- Capital Letters

Hey bloggers!

Lately, I have been on lots of blogs, especially the people who have commented and left there blog link. I have seen lots of I’s that have been written like i and new sentences starting with lowercase. It is driving me nuts! So I will be giving you a lesson on capital letters.

Lesson 1- Using Capitals Properly

When do you use capitals?

  1. For the letter “I” when alone in a sentence
  2. When you are beginning a sentence
  3. When letters stand for something- eg. RSPCA
  4. Names of months and days
  5. Names of places
  6. Peoples names
  7. Names of vehicles
  8. Titles

So I hope you have learnt about using CAPITALS properly.



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  1. Hi Will,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. The punctuation post was great. My teacher always reminds me about that. I really enjoy reading your blog. It is awesome. Posts are fantastic, keep it up. Feel free to visit my blog at http://shenaliefss.global2.vic.edu.au/
    Bye, from Shenalie
    p.s thanks for the link on the flag counter I have got so much more, do you know who the people are form the other countries in your flag counter

  2. Ha, ha! Well done, Will. This drives me nuts, too! Especially as it’s such a simple thing to do.
    Thanks for putting your ideas into a list, as it made it really easy to read.

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Ms Scott

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