Term 1

The first term of 2015 is nearly over. I haven’t said much about what has happened this term. For our inquiry, we have been learning about Science.  The area mainly was chemistry, so we learnt about solids, liquids and gasses. Chemistry isn’t all ways just about chemical reactions. Their is other thing to chemistry like…..

  • Solids, liquids and gasses
  • Periodic table
  • Elements

We also had a  science carousel when we did experiments with real life objects. One of my favorite was putting M&M’s in a bowl of water and all of the colors come off the M&M’s and the make a pattern.   If you decide to try and mix the M&M’s together the colors blend.

This is my PLT for this term.

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  1. Well done Will, I hope you can take the skills you’ve learned this term in your inquiry (especially how to develop and extend your question) and apply them to all aspects of your work next term!

  2. Very interesting Will. Chocolate was an interesting choice!!! Look like you had lots of fun researching etc.
    Did you do an excursion to a chocolate factory? There is a great one in the Yarra Valley near Yarra Glen. Hope you have gained some useful skills in the process.

  3. Hi Will,

    My students are just starting passion projects. Do you have any advice for them? I know they mix all kinds of crazy things with chocolate now like spices and bacon, but I would never have thought to put a sour flavor together with chocolate.

    A previous commenter mentioned chocolate factories. I used to love going to the Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania when I was in my teens. You could take their amazing tour to see how the treats were made and then you would get a sample afterwards. We always tried to get recruited into their experimental candy taste testing. Sometimes I still get the Hershey song stuck in my head.

    What do you think your next experiment will be?

    Mr. Helpern
    Helpern’s Helpers

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