The Jawbone Marine Sanctuary

This term we have been looking at caring for our common home.  We went to the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary to learn about how we have to care for places like that so that the next generation will have things like this to see when they are growing up. The marine sanctuary used to be a rifle range, but is now a protected park land that is home to many animals. Some interesting things that we found where sea grass, lots of rocks on the beach, salt marsh and lots of open land areas. Some of the fauna I saw where pelicans, birds and fish. Our class was all allowed to bring devices to take photos of the nice day out. Below I will insert some of my own. The day was long because we left the train station at 9:01 and arrived back home at 4:00. It was very good the way they have protected this and It looks like most people have respected the parkland and have left only food prints and taken only photos. But their was some disappointing things like litter and graffiti. I think the excursion was successful and helped me with my learning.IMAG0102IMAG0100IMAG0095

Animal Extinction

Animals are one of the most important things on the earth so what will happen if they all go extinct? It want  just mean that we don’t have any cute dogs and cats in the windows of pet shops it will mean many business closing and we will all have to be vegetarian. This could happen if we don’t do something. Organisations like Caritas are helping with something called Catholic Social Teaching which is telling us what we have to do to stop things like this. This relates to the teaching called “Stewardship Of Creation”. This means caring for all of God’s creations. What actions are you taking  to take care of the world?


Concert 2015

The 2015 concert was a massive success and all the parents looked like they had enjoyed it. It was at a new theatre and the setting was very good. I was in multiple scene and I really enjoyed it. The play was called Beyond The Autumn mist and is was about modern day fairy tales. It was a new topic that we had never done before and It looked like everyone had a good time. Some of the highlights were the teachers dance because no one was expecting it and also people said that the seniors dance was good. Here are some photos from the dress rehearsal.


Protecting The Orangutan

For this term for my classes inquiry, we are looking at our common home and how we can care for it. One of the animals, the one I’m talking about today are on the endangered animal list, the orangutan. The are many threats to these orangutans, and some of them include

  1. Deforestation
  2. The use of palm oil
  3. Illegal hunting

We can stop this. They are going extinct so that we can have our way and do what we like. I don’t think that’s very fair. Deforestation. Because we need humans need build the  most “Important Building in the world”.  How selfish is that? should other species really have to die out because we need to put massive factory’s in that space our a new 90 story apartment. The orangutan’s doesn’t need much, just there habitat, food and water.  That is only 3 things. And we cant manage that. So how unfair is that.

Prickly Pear and Olive Baboons – Explanation

One of the members of the cactus family has made its way into the olive baboons diet. It is called the the opuntia and is also known as the prickly pear. But what is the problem with this fruit?

This fruit has been growing in a place called Kenya, which is around central Africa. The baboons have limited food supply and have found a fruit that grows heaps in the area. But other animals in Kenya have not adapted to this new fruit. In fact, things are getting so serious that some died from it. And that could be a big problem for the humans living in Kenya, as livestock is slowly dying out.

aSo this fruit may be good for some but not as good for others.  

My maths Term 3

This term I have extended my maths knowledge. BODMAS and algebra have been my biggest challenge. I have learned the order of operations and also what powers are. I also didn’t know that you can have more than one pair of brackets in a sum in BODMAS. Algebra was sometimes hard, but I learnt it before, so it wasn’t to hard.

So I’m Pretty happy that I have learnt more skills in my maths this term.

I have made a poem inspired by Banjo Paterson’s Mulga Bill’s Bike


I left early this morning

I gave my parents no warning,

I just bought myself a bike

so I could ride where ever I like,

I then started riding and got so tired I felt I had to be towed.

I looked at my bike and it showed

that I had hit a spike that had ruined my new bike.

Mini Fair

Today we had our mini fair for school. We are raising money for a group in the Philippines called Bahay Tuluyan. I worked on the healthy snacks store and we sold out really quickly. We earnt about $25, which goes towards helping  to fund orphanages. The idea of the mini fair is we all bring in unwanted 2nd hand toys and books. We then sell them and donate all of the money to Bahay Tuluyan. This is the third time we have had a mini fair and the other two times we have helped fund Bahay Tuluyan to make a playground for all of the children their. below is a picture of the healthy snacks store. I really enjoyed my last mini fair and I hope that we raise lots of money for them and I hope that this money is appreciated.

Immigration Mueseum

My class and I got on a bus an travelled to the city of Melbourne for our excursion to the Immigration Museum. We went so we could expand our knowledge on history, mainly Australian. But what does this have to do with Australian history? Well, unless you are fully Indigenous Australian, you family has got an immigration story and it also has got stuff to do with the Gold Rush. Overall, it was a very fun way to learn rather than just learning from books and  the teacher, we got to learn in a different way.